Favorable business conditions, as well as high living standards, attract so many people in business to set up Fintech companies in Estonia. So, if you’re looking for a better place for your business or are just wondering what those unique attributes are, be sure to read up!

The Cosiness and Diversity of Tallinn

The convenience of Tallinn steals your heart the second you arrive. For those visiting the country for the first time, the acquaintance with the capital of Estonia starts with the airport. After crowded, chaotic and uncomfortable large airports in Europe, the Lennart Meri airport amazes visitors with its cozy and unique environment. Guests get immediately impressed by its homely atmosphere!

The business district of Tehnopolis is conveniently located just a five-minute walk from the airport. Here, in the most modern environment, hundreds of advanced IT companies from all over the world are headquartered. Not to mention, the beautiful medieval Old Town of Tallinn is only a 15-minute tram journey away.

When it comes to an urban environment, Tallinn is a dream city to live and work in. The compactness of the Estonian capital makes it very easy to reach any nook of the city, plus those who are registered as residents of Tallinn enjoy all the public transport facilities for free!

And with Fintech enthusiasts known the world over their diverse hobbies, it is no surprise that so many of them live in Estonia! From various sports activities to vibrant cultural events and enriching business conferences, the capital has it all and more! And for nature lovers, Tallinn’s numerous sandy beaches are perfect for enjoying the Baltic Sea views and recovering on the coast.

Favourable Business Conditions

In 2018, Estonia was once again ranked as a country with one of the best business conditions in the world (https://www.emta.ee/en). For pragmatic businessmen from all over the world, one of the key factors for opening businesses here is the country’s favorable tax system.

Why Fintech successfully setting up in Estonia?

In addition to enjoying a 0% corporate tax, businesspeople here benefit from the state’s electronic document management system which allows saving time on reporting to the government and filling in various forms. Just imagine how pleasing it could be running your business without the exhausting bureaucratic procedures!

The process of company registration is another advantage to highlight. In Estonia, it only takes few days to register a company, find a decent and cheap office space, connect it to the Internet and other means of communication, and again you do not have to go through many bureaucratic procedures or collect a lot of documents.

On top of this, all the officials and the majority of Estonian residents are fluent in English, so you won’t face any communication issues!

Things to Know If You’re New to Estonia

Electronic communication with authorities is carried out through ID cards. These vary from cards issued to those who live in Estonia to e-residency cards. Their management is carried out via www.eesti.ee/en.

If you’re an expat, it is quite easy to obtain a work permit. For more information, take a peek here.

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