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Launch your business in Estonia and benefit from zero income tax on all income.



We help to launch and maintain international businesses in Estonia.
Working across various sectors, including trading, IT, crypto, holding, medicine, and marketplace,
we help our clients to establish companies, carry out bookkeeping services and arrange transactions in a one-stop-shop principle.

Over 27 years of experience

Open a bank account

  • Bank account openings in Switzerland
  • Account openings in Payment institutions (EMI).
  • Suitable for companies for ordinary activities and investments
  • No requirement for the minimum deposit and number of transactions.
  • Remote account openings.

Legal support

  • Legal support in all steps of the business development.
  • Forming agreement and inner documents.
  • Holding meetings for shareholders

Tax assistance

  • Tax assessment of commercial deals.
  • Assessment of VAT appliances in cross-border deals. VAT Compliance.
  • Preparation of Annual Financial statements of Cypriot and UK companies
  • Submission of Annual Financial statement and Tax returns.
  • Tax planning with international business activity consideration
  • Tax benefiits appliance of Double Tax Treaties.
  • Redomicile of Business into countries with tax benefits.

Merge and Acquisition

  • Documents preparation for merge and acquisition.
  • Arrangement of merge and acquisition.
  • Restructuring companies.
  • Company analysis for purchase
  • Preparation of business for purchase

Company registration in Cyprus and UK

  • Company registration and maintenance in the UK
  • Company registration and maintenance in Cyprus.
  • Supplying a registration office in Cyprus and the UK
  • Accounting and audit of Cypriot and UK companies
  • Bank account opening and opening of accounts in the Payment Institutions.

Relocation business

  • Company relocation from one Europea country to another.
  • Company relocation from offshore countries to Cyprus.


Maxwise OÜ has been offering business support services for 27 years not only in Estonia, but also in other countries.

  • Based in Estonia, our main speciality lies in registering and supporting Estonian companies – as our home country offers great tax and set up conditions for businesses. These include a 0% income tax, e-government, as well as fast and low-cost company registration procedures.
  • When it comes to preparing annual and tax reports, we do this with a personal approach to our clients and analyse all of the required documentation in-house.
  • In 2013 and 2014, Maxwise was awarded with “rapidly developing accounting company” title (“Eesti Gaseliettevõtte”).

Our clients

Our clients
Our clients
Our clients
Our clients
Our clients
Our clients

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Banks or payment systems?

Banks or payment systems?

Payment systems have recently started to pop up like mushrooms after a spring rain. This has to do with the fact that many banks no longer serve customers who mostly perform commercial transfers. Commercial transfers are economically unsound to banks, which often leads them to close their clients’ bank accounts. Those victimised clients, in turn, tend to turn to payment system services.

Why Fintech successfully setting up in Estonia?

Why Fintech successfully setting up in Estonia?

Favorable business conditions, as well as high living standards, attract so many people in business to set up Fintech companies in Estonia. So, if you’re looking for a better place for your business or are just wondering what those unique attributes are, be sure to read up!

New Challenges which Technology companies will face in Estonia.

New Challenges which Technology companies will face in Estonia.

Companies that start their business in Estonia may eventually run into the following challenges, which significantly affect their activities and therefore have to be dealt with.

Why do Estonian banks close customer accounts and what to do to prevent this from happening?

Why do Estonian banks close customer accounts and what to do to prevent this from happening?

A lot of Estonian companies the owners or managers of which are not from Estonia have found themselves in a situation when a bank the company have been with informs the customer that it wants to close the account.

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