Legal support for your business lifecycle

From initiating your business to liquidation procedure, we provide legal support throughout your company’s life cycle.


When you come up with a new business idea, we prepare documents for future owners who set the rules for ‘the game’.

An agreement between future shareholders establishing the business management and income distribution procedure.

An agreement establishing the business arrangement procedure.


E-residency is a government-issued digital identity card that provides access to the services of the Estonian government. E-residents are able to set up businesses in Estonia and submit documents to the Register and Tax Board. You can also use the e-residency card to declare taxes, file applications and petitions, as well as sign documents digitally.

However, e-residency does not give you tax residency, i.e. the right to reside in Estonia, and an entry permit for Estonia or the European Union. The e-residency card is not an identity or travel document. Information on how to apply for an e-residency can be found here.

We assist you in getting the Estonian e-residency card.


At the stage of business registration, we prepare documents for setting up your business.

  • Charter of your company
  • Minutes on the appointment of governing bodies

These are the documents that are required to register your business.

If a member of the Management Board receives remuneration, then an agreement must be entered into with him/her.

These are the procedures required within Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Clients, and Personal Data Protection.

To be able to trade or provide services via the Internet, a set of documents must be prepared for working with clients.

Preparation of documents for getting licenses from the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board for companies working with cryptocurrency.

We advise to register a unique trademark to ensure a distinctive identity of your project.


In the course of current activities, we prepare documents and contracts.

Employment contracts must be entered into with employees, and each employment contract must be registered in the employment register.

The employees can be motivated by entering into option contracts with them.

Loan is the most common daily activity transaction. All the interests of the parties must be taken into account in the agreement.

A board member or employee of an Estonian company can obtain a residence permit in Estonia. To do this, documents must be prepared and submitted to the PPA (Police and Border Guard Board).

If the company has an office, production or warehouse premises under lease, then the lease price and possible consequences in case of disagreement will depend on the terms and conditions of the lease agreement.

A good agreement for the provision of services or sale of goods will lead to a favorable outcome of litigation in case of mala fide suppliers or buyers.

Assessment of possible risks in terms of anti-money laundering.

General Meetings of owners must be held annually. This can be done both remotely and in person. It is necessary to properly prepare for the General Meeting and hold it in the right manner.


We conduct the liquidation with a complete set of documents and services.

Upon completion of its activities, a company must distribute all its property and settle its loan obligations.

We provide the services of a professional liquidator carrying out the entire liquidation process.