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For self-employed, an Estonian company is the best choice in terms of costs and convenience. Basic bookkeeping procedures and minimum submission of accounting records let you run your business with no extra effort.

With Estonian companies, financial reports should be submitted only once a year and there’s no income tax.

If dividends are paid, the tax rate is 25%. Monthly remuneration can be paid as salary.



An Estonia company for IT businesses allows to run big projects without the tax burden (before dividends withdraw).

The country’s tax-friendly environment for businesses also means that you don’t pay income tax.



An Estonian company is an excellent choice for cryptocurrency businesses. In Estonia, it is easy to obtain a license and it permits to do both – client`s wallet administration and cryptocurrency conversion to fiat-currency.

What’s more, having obtained the Estonian e-residency card, the company can be managed from any corner of the world and there’s no income tax for purchases and sale transactions.



If international trade is organized through an Estonian company, there’s no corporate income tax.

To work in and outside the EU, you can register the Estonian VAT and EORI numbers.

With the e-residency card, the Estonian company can also be managed remotely.



The online educational services can immensely benefit from running their business in Estonia.

If you sell your digital services within the EU, you can apply for the MOSS scheme and obtain an Estonian VAT number.

All reports for Estonian companies can be submitted electronically and follow simple bookkeeping procedures, plus you will not be charged for income tax.



For various service providers, such as ticket, event, telecommunication and other services, an Estonian company is a cost-effective solution, taking unnecessary stress from running your business.

All reports for Estonian companies can be submitted electronically and follow simple bookkeeping procedures, plus there’s no income tax.

What’s more, for businesses providing their services online, you can apply for the MOSS scheme and obtain an Estonian VAT number.



If you are trading or providing services on your website, an Estonian company is a time-saving and cost-effective solution.

All reports for Estonian companies can be submitted electronically and follow simple bookkeeping procedures. Our accounts will provide an automated data entry on transactions generated from the merchant accounts.

What’s more, you can apply for the MOSS scheme and obtain an Estonian VAT number and there’s no income tax.



For transport and logistic companies, having an Estonian company means you can manage your business with no extra effort and costs.

There’s no income tax in Estonia and it is only in the case of dividend distribution when tax will be charged at a 25% rate.

If a company has employees working outside Estonia, no taxes have to be paid in Estonia.

Minimum submission of accounting records, basic bookkeeping procedures and the financial reports that have to be submitted only once a year –– are just some of the few more benefits.


Our Expertise

Registration and maintenance of Estonian companies


E-residency is a government-issued digital identity card that provides access to the services of the Estonian government. E-residents are able to set up businesses in Estonia and submit documents to the Register and Tax Board. You can also use the e-residency card to declare taxes, file applications and petitions, as well as sign documents digitally.

However, e-residency does not give you tax residency, i.e. the right to reside in Estonia, and an entry permit for Estonia or the European Union. The e-residency card is not an identity or travel document. Information on how to apply for an e-residency can be found here.

E-residency allows non-Estonians to access various Estonian services such as company formation, banking, payment processing, and taxation.

Learn about this service and how to apply for an e-residency here.

Estonian company registration is also possible without an residency.

For this, a power of attorney for a lawyer or a visit to a notary is required.

Learn more about this service here.

To register an Estonian company, you need a legal address in Estonia. We provide a legal address in the center of Tallinn. All correspondence addressed to your Estonian company arrives at this address.

If none of the owners or members of the management board of Estonian company reside in Estonia, a local contact person shall be appointed. Contact person shall have a relevant license. We do have this license and provide such a service. Contact person is required to deliver the correspondence from Estonian public entities and authorities to the company.

If the company needs to rent an office in Estonia and is ready to pay every month utility bills, we will support you with the search of it according to your budget and arrange the signing of a lease agreement.

Tax return shall be submitted every month by 10th date. Report should be prepared and submitted on time. We can ensure that the report will be prepared and submitted according to the legal requirements.

Timely preparation and submission of VAT return monthly by 20th date. Preparation of the VIES report.
Preparation and submission of OSS report.

We also offer registration/de-registration of employees in the Register of Employment. This includes payroll accounting, submitting payroll reports and declaring payroll taxes and other payments related to individuals.

Preparation and submitting of the annual report is required by June 30th of the following year. We will ensure the timely preparation of the annual report and its submission to the Estonian Commercial Register.

Our payment solutions

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Name check
Government fee
Registered address
Contact person in Estonia
* Cost doesn’t include VAT


Name check
Government fee
Registered address
Contact person in Estonia
Issuing the Power of Attorney (upon request)
* Cost doesn’t include VAT

Bookkeeping services

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Additional services

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Legal address

Estonian company should have legal address in Estonia. This aadress will be recorded in Estonian Commercial Register and everyone can find it. On legal address can be delivered any correspondence and letters from government services. Legal address fee includes сompany correspondence receipt and storage and sending a message to the Client about it. Correspondence will not be opened (please see additionally Secretary services). Correspondence can be obtained at the legal address or, by agreement, by courier.

Contact person

If Estonian company doesn`t have Estonian resident on the board, in this case a licensed contact person in Estonia must be appointed, who will be responsible for receiving correspondence and documents from government services and other official documents. The details of the contact person will be entered to the Estonian Commercial Register and everyone can check them.

Contact person fee includes obtaining official documents, opening them and and notifying the Client, sending scanned copies and storage.

Secretarial services

Estonian company has to specify company contact details in the Estonian commercial register: e-mail, phone number and/or fax. Data is public for everyone.

The cost of the secretarial service includes the use of our contact details in the Estonian Commercial Register. If someone is contacting the company by using this data, we will accept the request and inform the Client about it.

With Maxwise OÜ, you can start your business activity easily and quickly.

For over 25 years, we have been supporting our clients in running their businesses in Estonia and many other tax-friendly countries.

Based in Estonia, our main speciality lies in registering and supporting Estonian companies – as our home country offers great tax and set up conditions for businesses. These include a 0% income tax, e-government, as well as fast and low-cost company registration procedures.

When it comes to preparing annual and tax reports, we do this with a personal approach to our clients and analyse all of the required documentation in-house.

In 2013 and 2014, Maxwise was awarded with “rapidly developing accounting company” title (“Eesti Gaseliettevõtte”).

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